Water Based lubricant

SWEAT is a personal lubricant which keeps the pleasure and fun alive in your bedroom. SWEAT helps to lessen the friction during love making between the couples, thereby sexual intercourse is a joyful and pleasurable experience anytime anywhere. SWEAT - ANYTIME…ANYWHERE

Sweat - the Natural vaginal Lubricant

The need for physical intimacy and bodily reactions do not always go hand in hand. SWEAT bridges this gap so that the arousal never runs dry. SWEAT ensures that there is no discomfort during love making due to vaginal dryness in Women. The vaginal secretions vary from women to women due to various reasons such as anxiety, stress, changes in hormones due to periods,pregnancy and many others that result in varied secretion levels. SWEAT lubes are the best way to overcome this lack of lubrication.

Sweat - but why ?

SWEAT Lubricant Water based is a clear, transparent, viscous, gel recommended to be applied externally on genitals for better lubrication and to reduce friction between genitals and increase pleasure during sexual intercourse.

As SWEAT is Water based lubricant, it offer many benefits when compared with oil and silicone based formulas. Because the SWEAT contains water and no oil, they can be easily cleaned and cared for using plain water and a little soap.

SWEAT provides adequate lubrication as it feels wet and natural. SWEAT reduces friction without leaving behind a greasy or slippery coating on the skin

Sweat - Advantages

·       Unique adequate lubrication technology.
·       Spreads readily, adheres well, Harmless to human tissue.
·       Does not damages condoms.
·       Economical/ Cost Effective.
·       Made from finest quality Raw Materials meeting standard specifications.
·       Compatible with natural latex condoms,polyurethane and poly-isoprene condoms

Sweat Lub- Why are they required ?

Nearly 50% of post menopausal women and 20% of women between 18 and 50 experience problems with vaginal dryness during sex. Many women may experience vaginal dryness during sex because they are not sexually aroused – this is often caused by insufficient foreplay orpsychological reasons such as stress.

There are a number of simple ways in which to lubricate a dry vagina and among the best is SWEAT natural water based lubricant that is similar to natural lubrication and should be applied to the area around the lips (vulva) and vagina just before intercourse takes place.

What causes Vaginal dryness ?

Vaginal dryness can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as ageing, stress, poor physical activities and many more. There are medical conditions like diabetes and many other diseases which might cause this issue.

Vaginal dryness results in decreased levels of vaginal secretions, which brings in discomfort to both the partners indulged in the act of intimacy. Genital discomfort can a burning sensation which can be reduced with the help of cooling lubes as they give instant cooling along with lubrication.

How to use SWEAT lube?

1. Open the SATCHET.
2. Gently squeeze a few drops of SWEAT natural vaginal lubricant in the hand
3. Apply it on the interior & exterior part of the female genital.
4. If required, apply it on the male's private part
5. A lubricant may optionally be included and with a condom. Apply the lubricant on the condom.

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